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Brittney McBryar

A little back ground on my education and career:

I graduated High School May 2006. I am currently attending Kirkwood Community College with a major in Criminal Justice.

I joined the United States Army from 21 MAR 2007-04 MAR 2012. My MOS was 88M plus, I did Female Security Force. I was deployed to IRAQ from 02 AUG 2009- 01 MAR 2010; where I was on a five person team of soldiers patrolling cities and searching weapon caches and I was tasked to search females. My deployed job duties included; Transferring Iraqi prisoners, missions with Infantry to search for terrorists, working alongside Navy SEALS as an escort to detonate/clear IEDs, patrol roads outside of our FOBs, gunner on a .50 cal machine gun, part of a training team for an Iraqi police class on patrols. When stateside; I assisted the drivers in transferring ammo and supplies, trained daily with the Infantry on weapons qualifications, clearing houses and calibrating the weapon systems on our Stryker’s, and assisted the Chaplains with office work and meetings.

Now as you can imagine – my idea of “Dress for Success” and how to “interview” for a job was quite a bit different than corporate America . When I had the opportunity to interview for a civilian job (that I really wanted) I was completely paralyzed, I actually felt sick. I had no idea how to achieve my goal to get this job; I had no idea what to wear, how to do a resume, or how to do well in a civilian interview. I did not know how to prepare for success because I was in a new world with new rules that I did not understand, I wanted to “win” but didn’t know how to play the game.

The staff at Midwest Military Outreach, Inc. stepped in and helped me create my first ever resume, prepared me for the civilian job interview process and (with their partnership with Dress Barn) they got me “Dressed for Success”! I went in to my interview looking professional and feeling prepared. I nailed the interview! If I had not had a “hand-up” from MMO staff to give me a map for success and empower me with the resources I needed, I would not have had the confidence I needed to get the job done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!