Midwest Military Outreach

Supporting those who serve and their families

John Mikelson

As President of Military Affairs Association (MAA) – I have worked with Midwest Military Outreach, Inc. (MMO) on many projects to empower Veterans over the years; and it is with honor that I fully endorse their work.

Michelle was the Director for the MAA Veterans Day Banquets for 2011 and 2012. She had no budget to work with, only a great team - committed to getting the job done right! Michelle’s keen attention to detail, her ability to anticipate every logistical need, and her professional relationship with the staff at Riverside Casino were key factors in making both Veterans Day Banquets a huge success. We had a showing of approximately 400 guests each year; with awards ceremonies, distinguished keynote speakers, live entertainment and formal meals. Michelle was formerly the President of Operation Home Front-Iowa and is active with the English River Outfitters. In addition, you will not find a more dedicated “Army Mom” when it comes to reintegration of our troops back to the civilian community.