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Army Seeks Better Mental Health Coordination

September 22, 2013 - 7:16pm -- justinhiggins2

Military.com, 5 February 2013
“Army leadership is looking to improve coordination among its mental health programs and other soldier-resilience efforts, acknowledging Monday that a patchwork system of tools is often confusing for both commanders and soldiers. Army Secretary John McHugh said he has asked Army officials to finish a plan for an overhaul in the next couple weeks. He hopes to improve processing times in the disability evaluation system, integrate "resilience" programs into the day-to-day training of soldiers and has the goal of lowering the incidence of suicide, sexual assault and substance abuse among soldiers. He said there are already a variety of programs available to help soldiers. But he said there is widespread confusion about the available tools, so commanders are unaware of the benefits and programs. That means soldiers aren't getting matched up with the appropriate opportunities. ‘Interventions are not coming as early as we would like to see them,’ McHugh said. He also said the Army needs to work on eliminating the stigma associated with seeking help and wants soldiers to be able to encourage each other to seek aid during times of trouble.”

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